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Parent Drop Off and Pick up

Morning Drop Off: There is no school supervision before 9:10 AM. For this reason, please do not drop off your child before 9:10 AM. Parents dropping their children off before 9:10 AM will be contacted and asked to pick up their child.

Parent Drop off - Located in the NORTH
parking lot. Students are to drop off their backpacks at their classroom and either go to
breakfast (if signed up) or go to the field.

Parent Pick Up: If you are picking up your child from school a note must be on file at
the office,
 otherwise they will be put on the school bus. For occasional parent pick up,
please send the office a note or email. Without a note, your child will not be
able to make a change from his or her daily bus routine. Please make sure to put your
student's full name and date on your note, Please use the parent pickup drive through
located at the North end of the campus.

image of parking at Crystal Springs. Follow Green Arrows for parent pick up paths

As you pull into parent pick up. please pull over to the left hand side of the parent pick up area. as you are leaving take a right toward street. Be careful with students walking on side walk between parent pick up and bus zone, as well as where buses are coming out of the bus zone.

 Assistants are there to get your child safely to your car, To help move cars through quickly:

  • Please stay inside your car.
  • Do not park in the designated drop off/pick up lane.
  • Please do not enter the Bus Zone.
  • Please be patient
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. pick up time 3:55PM
  • Wednesday pick up time 2:25 PM

* If you choose to park in a designated parking stall, please walk to the parent pick-up area and walk your child safely back to your car.

Change in After School Plans? Please remember, any changes in your
student's means of transportation (i.e. walking, bus, or parent pick-up) and/or
destination must be validated by a note signed and dated by you as the
Please Note: At this time, all buses are full; no new bus passes
will be issued outside of your normal bus.